iRemember Benefits

Scrapbooks are the hottest way to share memories with family and friends. The benefits of iRemember for Mac OS X are:

Save Time

iRemember allows you to create scrapbook pages in a fraction of the time it takes your scissors toting friends. Better yet, you’ll never destroy another photo because digital scrapbooking with iRemember is entirely non-destructive.

  • Use templates to create a page in just seconds, or just use them for ideas.
  • Create a page entirely “from scratch” in just minutes. Traditional scrapbooking can take an hour or more per page to achieve similar results.
  • If you already shoot digital photos, why waste time printing only to cut up your photos?

Save Money

Digital scrapbooking with iRemember can save considerable money over traditional scrapbooking methods:

  • Replace costly stickers and embellishments with reusable clip art. If you can’t find something you want, create or scan it then drop it into iRemember.
  • Replace costly papers with faux paper or use your own photos as backgrounds.

Share Memories

When you scrapbook digitally with iRemember you have more ways to share memories:

  • Traditional albums – Insert pages created digitally into albums you create at home. Mix digital and traditional methods on a page by page basis. Best of all, Digital scrapbooking allows you to easily print multiple copies of your pages so you can share memories with all your family and friends.
  • Email & Web – Any page created by iRemember can be saved as a JPEG file and then sent via Email or posted to the web.
  • Photo Books – Entire scrapbooks may be exported as a series of JPEG files which can be used to make a bound iPhoto Photo Book.

No Mess

Traditional scrapbooking is messy and requires a large amount of space when working. With iRemember your supplies are on your computer, not all over your dining room table. When company comes over, you no longer have to be embarrassed by all the mess!