iRemember is designed specifically for laying out scrapbooks, both simple and complex. It has tools for manipulating the elements on your page, including creating various shapes to hold your photos. Adding photos couldn’t be easier: Simply drag & drop a photo into a shape and the photo is cropped to that shape. Adjusting a photo or shape’s appearance is straightforward using the Inspector. iRemember’s text capabilities allow you to say precisely what you want, using exactly the right style for the occasion. Need a scrapbook in a non-standard size? No problem, you can design scrapbooks of any reasonable size. And what fun is there in creating a scrapbook if you can’t share it? With iRemember, you can share scrapbooks as image files (for sharing over the web or via e-mail) as well as print them, either on your own printer or by sending pages to a printing service (such as iPhoto’s book service).

Tools of Page Layout

The Tools palette contains everything needed to bring your layout to life. Experiment freely – and simply “Undo” if you change your mind.

  • Arrow Tool – resize and reposition shapes
  • Hand Tool – positions an image within a shape
  • Shape Tools – the basic building blocks of a page. Thirteen basic shapes (including rectangle and ovals) act as photo/image containers, matters or page elements.Shapes are layered front to back and may be reordered or aligned as desired.
  • Line Tool – for drawing primitive lines
  • Text Tool – specifies the size and position of text areas
  • Rubber Stamp Tool – quickly duplicates page elements
  • Zoom Tool – zoom in to see more detail, zoom out to see your complete layout

The illustration depicts drawing a new rectangle Shape on the page.

Drag & Drop

Mac users will appreciate the powerful and familiar Drag & Drop interface.

  • Drag photos/images from other applicationsWith iRemember, you can use any program to edit, store and categorize your photos. Whether you prefer iPhoto™, Shoebox™, iView™, or Finder™ the choice is yours.
  • Drop photos/images into “Shapes”In iRemember, Shapes act as containers for your photos/images. Drop photos into Shapes then reposition, resize, rotate, and crop until you have just the “right” look.
  • Popular File FormatsJPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, and others are supported.

The illustration depicts a photo dragged from iPhoto and dropped into a Shape.


Some might call it “overkill.” With Text tools this powerful, you could almost write a book…

  • Rulers – with support for custom paragraph styles, alignment, justification, and tab stop.
  • Spelling – avoid embarrassing typos with a built-in spelling checker.
  • Font Panel – the standard Apple user interfaces for font selection, size, and shadow attributes.
  • Format menu – the standard Apple user interface for text styles (bold, italic, underline) and other text features.

The illustration depicts using the Font Panel to specify text attributes for the “tag text”.

  • Font: Lucida Handwriting
  • Face: Italic
  • Size: 29pt
  • with Shadow

Beauty is in the details. Each element on your page has a variety of options to enhance your layout. iRemember groups, all those options in one easy to use “Inspector”.

The Inspector has three parts:

Shape – exterior attributes of a Shape/Line

  • Rotate – the shape and its contents
  • Stroke – stroke-color, width, join, cap and line styles
  • Shadow – blur, offset, angle

Fill – interior attributes of Shapes

  • Fill Color
  • Fill Pattern – made from an image of your choosing; horizontal & vertical offset, scale, opacity, rotation

Image – embedded photo/image attributes

  • Image Well – shows current embedded image
  • Scale – reduce/enlarge an embedded image
  • Rotation – rotate the image inside of the selected Shape
  • Opacity – adjust the level of image transparency

Lock/Unlock – prevent accidental modifications


Whether your goal is a 12×12, 8.5×11, or custom printed layout…
– or –
Whether your goal is a layout for email or the web…

iRemember makes sharing your layouts, easy.

Home Printing

Just insert photo paper in your printer and select “Print…”

  • Inkjet & Color Laser
  • Color Sync
  • Borderless – “full bleed” designs
  • Automatic Crop Marks – when printing layouts smaller than your printer paper size, iRemember can add crop marks to help you trim to the right size
  • Proofing – when designing layouts larger than your printer supports, iRemember automatically scales the output so you can use your home printer for proofing. (Handy for designing 12×12 layouts at home.)

Professional Printing

Simply Choose “Export Pages as JPEG…” and deliver the resulting files to the vendor of your choice. Printing services are great for those who need 12×12 output but don’t own a wide-format printer.

Web & Email

Export your entire scrapbook, or individual pages as JPEG files and post them on the Web or send in an Email.

Clip art Browser

The bundled “iRemember Clipart” browser makes finding the right piece of clip art easy.

A database of 20,000 pieces of scrapbooking clip art at your fingers. Use the “Select” menu to specify the category of item you need, such as “Corners” or type in a keyword such as “Christmas” to find all items that contain the keyword.