“As we move into the next millennium the digital era takes over. I love taking pictures of my family, friends, and events, that has taken me to have a bundle of ‘shoe’ boxes filled with photos and 3 ring binders for the negatives. Gosh… Finally, a viable solution has come, iRemember gives the tool to archive our photos in a format that will practically fit in our pocket when we need it. Come out of the box archive system and move into the digital era with iRemember.”
– The Rev Dr. Pedro Bravo-Guzman

“Even a beginning scrapbooker can create beautiful projects using iRemember. I used my pictures in iPhoto to make treasured memory pages. This is definitely the way I’ll scrapbook from now on!”
– Sherri Stucki

“What an awesome product! Many of my friends and family members do scrapbooking the ‘manual’ way cutting shapes, pasting, stamping, etc. Their collection of tools and items for their projects continues to grow. Although I somewhat envied their beautiful books, I just could not accept spending so much money for the supplies and tools, let alone setting aside space in my home to organize the growing inventory for current and future books. The iRemember software is the answer to my desire to also have beautiful memory books. The best part is that the program is so easy to use. I am someone who has never done scrapbooking before and I still was able to create great pages and layouts on my first try. There will be no end to what I put together now. The photo processing store will be getting all my old negatives to convert them to digital so I can put our family’s last 30+ years into beautiful books. And – the icing on the cake – having the ‘original’ in a digital format so that if something happens to the printed book, I can just reprint it. Thank you Intriguing Development!”
– Gayle Wenzlaff

“iRemember has made a big difference in my life. I’ve been very ill for some time and not interested in much of anything. My ‘real age’ is some 30 years older than my physical age and I don’t know how much time I may have left. Working with this program has given me the spark that I needed to get a real start on leaving my children and grandson a tangible record of my somewhat confusing life. I was adopted and found my birth family, and there’s so much they don’t know.”
– Joan M. Martin